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Estate Planning Packages

Couple in Nature

AvoidProbateLevel One

Designed for clients with adult children who simply need to put their house in a trust to avoid probate.

Priced at:

$595 (individual)

$695 (couple)

Family at a Beach

AvoidProbate Level Two

Designed for clients with young children who want to leave assets in trust for their benefit.

Priced at:

$795 (individual)

$995 (couple)

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AvoidProbate Level Three

Designed for clients who are subject to the estate tax or have a special needs beneficiary.

Priced at:

$1,495 (individual)

$1,995 (couple)

Estate Planning for Complex Estates

At Gugliuzza Law, we have experience with a wide variety of estate planning matters including special needs planning, estate tax planning, and elder law.  We also prepare irrevocable trusts for clients such as Life Insurance Trusts and Minor's Trusts.  A full list of our estate planning services can be found below.

Estate Tax


There are some simple estate planning techniques that a lot of people fail to take advantage of and pay additional tax.

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Elder Law

Mom and Dad are getting older.  Some simple planning now can make a big difference later on.  Let's talk about it.

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Special Needs Planning

There are a number of valuable estate planning tools available for families with a special needs beneficiary. 

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Sitting Child

Minor's Trust

If you want to give money to a child while you are alive, a minor's trust is better than a custodial account.

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Planning for

Blended Families

Estate planning is more complicated anytime you have children outside of the marriage.  Know the options.

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Pet Trust

Pets are family too.  If you want to leave money for their care after you gone then you need to create a pet trust.

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