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Estate Planning Packages

All of our estate planning include all of the necessary estate planning documents such as a revocable living trust, "pour-over" will, and powers of attorney for property and health care.  The also include a qui-claim deed for your primary resident (recording fees additional) 


Perfect for people with adult beneficiaries who want to make "outright" gifts to all beneficiaries.

Priced at:

$499 single

$599 couple

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Design for anyone with young or immature beneficiaries who wants to leave assets "in trust" for them.




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Self Service Estate Plans

Individual Estate Planning Documents 

If you already have an estate plan, then perhaps you just need to update a particular document or you just need to add something that wasn't there.  Either way, we offer individual documents to suit your particular need.

Adult Children

A will determines how your probate estate is distributed and names guardians for minor children.

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Living Trust

A living trust is better than a will since it avoids probate and protects you during periods of incapacitation.

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Minor Children

A financial power of attorney allows you to designate who makes financial decisions for you during periods of incapacitation.

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Sitting Child

Minor's Trust

If you want to give money to a child while you are alive, a minor's trust is better than a custodial account.

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Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare

Pet Trust

A medical power of attorney allows you to designate who makes medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

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Pet Trust

Pets are family too.  If you want to leave money for their care after you gone then you need to create a pet trust.

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